Join The IRS

The Internationally Renowned Seekers (IRS) are an organization for hire that will perform almost any activity for the right price. Started as a treasure seeking group over a decade ago, the IRS has evolved to provide security, monster hunting/eradication, exploration and other dangerous activities, but treasure hunting is still a priority for the leadership of the IRS.

Join the IRS - ACT 1

Adventure One – Welcome to the IRS

Adventure two – On The Job Interview

Adventure Three – Official Team License – First Solo Gig

Adventure Four – Project Airship

Adventure Five – Second Job for the IRS

Adventure Six – Bureaucracy is a killer

Adventure Seven – The Hunt for Seeker Team Six

Adventure Eight – Sky High Shenanigans

Adventure Nine – Black Rock Down

Adventure Ten – Refugee Crisis

Adventure Eleven – The Wheel of Osheim

Adventure Twelve – The Return to the Twisted Isles

Adventure Thirteen – The Army of Darkness

Adventure Fourteen -The Black Spire

Adventure Fifteen – The Fall of Seeker Team Six

Adventure Sixteen – The Crucible of Souls

Internationally Renowned Seekers